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Alice’s House | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Redbud and dogwood have blossomed
above the tulips and jonquils where
Alice’s house used to be.

A possum and raccoon nose around
where the garage was before the tornado.
An armadillo has joined them.

Someone has hung a red feeder from
the old clothesline. No hummingbirds yet.
Spring has brought new life over there.

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Sunrise in Buguza | A Poem by Francis Annagu

(For the Buguza Secondary School and the designer of the project, Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer.)

With the blood of a visionary
You come, touching people’s lives.

The sun has just started beating
On the wide-flung parts of Africa,

When the cloudy sky beyond
The bright Buguza children, spreads
For the early morning rains.

You’ve taught them a magnificent lesson:
How to weave their future
Into a formidable shape,
How to grow to become dream catchers,
And build the structures of tomorrow,
How to play the bamboo flutes
With the mild trickles of their finger tips,

With great voices of a new life.
The children gale, filling up
The silent street of the town
With tremulous beats of drums,
With their dancing feet in reverberation
Like a fresh foliage in the sun,
Only the mothers thank you
With a thousand thanks for the school
Opening out their tongues in praises.

Francis Annagu writes from Nigeria. His works have appeared in Potomac Journal, London Grip New Poetry, Lunaris Review, Ann Arbo Review and elsewhere. He’s the author of the poetry collection “Our Land in the Beak of Vultures” (Hesterglock Press, 2017). He was shortlisted for the Erbacce Poetry Prize and received the PIN Special Mention 2016.