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My Favorite Character | A Poem by JD DeHart

My favorite character died today
and it happened on the very last page.
Sadistic author.
The entire novel had been leading up
to a contented crescendo, every scrap
of plot a smiling, polite face,
and now I see the fallen form, lying
wounded from the quill. Well,
the keyboard, at least.
The tombstone will read:
He died to the sound of tapping keys.
Now I must either give up reading
(which seems unlikely) or go about
the business of finding another fictitious
person to spend some time with.
Another faceless face to observe,
another mouth that sounds like my own.

You’ve Come Again | Obiene Solomon

I look at you palely, perhaps amused.
Is this you?
I see you’ve got a new coat
Not the very one you brought, years ago
When you converted Timi
and your brother Edisemi
turning a house against itself

Afterwards, you offered a meal porridge
it was a political scheme therein
the earlier sentiments stepped in
and you also – you claimed you could assist.
my brothers were too demented,
rash and barbaric,
archaic and old testamented.
you could help rebrand them – so you claimed.
It was all your scheme

I’m seated here, along my corridor
I look at you from this pigeon-hole
It’s obvious you’ve come again

In your eyes, I’m an aggrieved melancholy,
a derailed feminist
wallowing in unguided philosophies
a mind as demented
as a tattered ghetto kite,
a parachute on an okada.
You consider me an untutored pianist
but here you are – obviously you’ve come again
to listen to my rhythm

You’ve come again
to tell us more religious tales
of how Abel killed Cane.
You’ve come again in your might
to feed us more lies
of love and marriage,
how it would be vain
if none mingles with your kind

Weed | A Poem by Renee’ Drummond-Brown

Sow a seed
Plant a tree
Water and soon
Reap the growth
Leave it be
Fend for self
Watch the weed

Dedicated to Wildflower’s.
Renee’ Drummond-Brown, is an accomplished poetess/writer. She is a graduate of Geneva College (CUBM) with experience in creative writing. She is working on her fourth book and has numerous works published globally. Her love for creative writing is undoubtedly displayed through her very unique style of poetry. Renee’ is inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou, because of her, Renee’ pledges “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

Born Again | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

Vultures and ravens
dance in anticipation
as they wait for their fruit
they know before we do
of sunken eyes that can
only give a flicker
the pallor of aged paper
parched and thin
is getting closer everyday
a shrinking future drifting
into a billow of clouds
inside the time capsule
of wants and needs
a three dimensional dream
my virtual reality tour
of wasted years
how do you get back
what never was
but should have been
stolen moments of a kiss
I’m still chasing an idea
the pursuit of my own

United Hotel | A Poem by Soodabeh Saeidnia

Hundreds of poets
Living inside me
Some are mature but master
in hiding the truth
Some are kids but write frankly

Some speak in mother tongue
but feel a foreign. Some decided
to migrate to an odd, faraway land
and never came back. They
inspire my poems

Some are believers, some not
They argue every so often
I’m not so interested in binging
on their hot bitter coffee
Anyhow, they never invite me

A few numbers are prisoners
Life-sentenced in the skull
Afraid to rebel against my heart
A few jailers too, grumpy, sullen
Control the mind from stem to stern

I lost some of them, when
they tried to pass the borders
And lost some more, when
a few tricksters promised them
a better life in a dream world

I don’t remember how often
they all stand on one thing agreed
I failed to bring them together
for writing a masterpiece but my poem
amalgamates the distinct pieces

Visit Soodabeh at

Soodabeh Saeidnia lives in NYC but originally is Persian. She got her Pharm D and Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada). She is interested in English literature and poetry, and has published a collection of her poems, Words for myself, in Farsi. Her English poems have been published in “Squawk Back”, “Great Weather for Media”, “Indiana Voice Journal”, “Sisyphus Quarterly”, “Paradox”, “TimBookTu”, “Bobbling of the Irrational”, “SPINE”, “American Writers Journal”, “Tuck Magazine”, “La Libertad”, “Tiny Poetry”, “The Pen”, “352 degrees”, and more. A number of her poems have been printed in the anthology books “Where the Mind Dwells” and “American Poet” as well as “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze”. The first collection of her contemporary poems “Street of the Ginkgo Trees”, and also the newly released collection “Voice of Monarch Butterflies: Middle Eastern Anthology by Ten Poets from Ganges to Nile” are now on Amazon.