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Stand Up | A Poem by Justateddyberry

I’ll let you push me aside
When you have the strength again

But for now
Just stay
Don’t go too far
From my sight

I’m still looking at you
With my heart

I’m waiting for you
To stand up
On your two feet
Scold me all you want
Or do whatever you want
I won’t even leave

All I ask
Is that you
Don’t just lie there

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Anguish | A Poem by Cattail Jester

You left me knocking at
the door cold below
your banner proclaiming

You did not notice me
or care even when I tried
to offer you my gift twice.
Three times, four.
Maybe more.

You sent me away
with looks and disdain,
judgment and agenda.
This is how it always is
with you.

Proclaiming you are love
on earth – I can see my
breath in your proclamation.

I will strike out
on my own, find out what
love really means.
A wandering pilgrim trying
out the path.

Confined | A Poem by Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller

Light lowers lids
illuminating captivity
skin pale and iridescent
curled beneath the glass.

Bones creak and acquiesce
gossamer unveils
silence ascends
an inhale rebirths;

winds tease and breathe
sing song caresses me,
chickadee chickadee-dee.

For the moment,
fervour is bliss.
For the moment,
freedom brushes lips.

Winds tease and breathe
a palpable belief…
but the unattainable slips

the rustle of sheets in lieu of leaves
bones creak; an echo of what seemed
on my lips,
the remnants of certainty.

Light lowers lids
illuminating captivity
skin pale and iridescent
curled beneath the glass.

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