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A Matter of Preference | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Fred prefers a mouse
connected by a wire
to his keyboard.
Walt prefers a mouse

that’s portable, able
to roam over the desk
in Walt’s big hand.
For Walt the danger is

the mouse may slip
and fall off the desk,
hit the floor and break.
That’s happened twice.

Fred prefers a wife, one
he’s had for 30 years.
Walt prefers a fiancé,
a new one every year.

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Trompe Rational Anthem | A Poem by Stan Morrison

Everything I do is always right
So when I speak or offer advice
Keep you mouth shut, be polite
The losers always hit a dry spell
But my word’s the holy gospel

The word perfection underserves me
No one on earth really deserves me
There’s one thing that I still don’t get
Why hasn’t my divinity caught on yet

Even if you prove I’m wrong
When your memory has gone
I’ll finally be vindicated
Just as I have indicted

While you easily see my lies on video tapes
Some alternative facts provide quick escapes
With endless insults and distortions
I blow the trivial out of all proportion

You’ll never know what I own or owe
You can’t figure out which way to go
impeach, arrest or just surrender
Colliding with me’ll be your worst fender bender

What serves me best as we roll along
I’m always right, you’re always wrong!
I bless the United States of America.

A Prescient Moment | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Melanie was waiting for the light to change
at 12th and Broadway when a large fellow in
a big truck and 10 gallon hat roared up

right beside her. His truck cab loomed
above her old Buick. His stereo boomed
so loud her windows rattled. His truck was

worth less than one of his monster tires.
Melanie chafes when a big truck parks
next to her at Walmart especially if an SUV

pulls in and parks on the other side.
She’s afraid she’ll back out and hit
an oncoming car like her father did.

Minutes later Melanie arrived at Walmart
and had to park between a truck and SUV.
Visitation will be held at 4 on Monday.

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