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Elusion | A Poem by Debarshi Mitra

Outside my hostel room window
is where the pigeons perch
at the onset of twilight.
Under their wings, at a distance,
I see the city and the hills beyond,
their edges marked by oblique sunlight.
For a brief while, they hold their breath
ready to launch themselves in thin air,
and perhaps time warps a little then
indenting the tangled contours of my memory.
I see them contemplating stillness
day after day, at this time,
catch them dreaming mid-flight,
a corner of their eye
holding an unmapped sky.

Debarshi Mitra is a 21 year old poet from New Delhi, India. His debut book of poems ‘Eternal Migrant’ was published in May 2016 by Writers Workshop. He has previously contributed to anthologies like ‘Kaafiyana’ and to literary magazines like ‘Typewrite’ and forthcoming in other literary endeavors. He is currently enrolled in an ‘Integrated PhD’ program in Physics.

Another Home | A Poem by Mou Majumdar Sarkar

Home away from home… where we live,
Where the time we spend in fun and frolic,
Slowly and steadfastly becomes a home one day,
As the days come knocking at the door,
The four brick walls bind our heart somehow!

Not every human is enlightened,
Like ‘The Buddha’… with no attachment with the worldly abode or ways!
The nature, the place, the people… the road,
Where one spends days in bliss or roast,
Everything has a charm of its own,
Everything has a story to share,
And a lovely personal touch of its own…
‘Dislike’ becomes ‘Like’ somewhere,
As the endless hours we spent in/with there/them,
Then when the time comes to bid goodbye,
Tears roll down and a vacuum spreads, Across in the heart… amidst futile reasoning of the logical mind,
Daunting path lies ahead but we still move on,
Accepting our incoming joy;
Waiting for the unknown merits,
Which life has thrown at our face,
We walk slowly then measuring our steps in caution,
And think wisely,’No Strings Attached’ this time,
But strange are the workings of the heart and mind,
Never know whether it will get stuck or… move ahead with time!