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I’m poet Guy Farmer and I created The Poet Community because, when I was growing up, I felt like I didn’t matter and wanted to make sure I would one day share who I really was and give others the chance to do so as well. This site is completely reader supported, please consider becoming a patron and help me keep writing and publishing poems.


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Simulation | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

There is a theory in the garden of weeds
where life is a continuum
in the world of virtual reality
are you a believer in free will
or an on and off switch
dipped into an alternative world
where forever has no limits
only stars hold the secret of discovery
and genius lives high into the conscience of a sky
from left to right
another side of the universe
until that aha moment
when you look and touch me
am I real
or a facsimile

No Going Back | A Poem by Kara D. Spain

Returning home, the small town seems even smaller,
where she is further misunderstood,
having never really been deemed necessary
She’d outgrown their staid mindsets,
where tradition and conformity reign
So, she continues on, like a drifter,
as her former home melts into the sunset,
of a cracked rearview mirror.

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