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Swallowing the Scorpion | A Poem by Cattail Jester

How the powers of division
stand up firm and resolute.
As when one young person
says I will dislike this entire
group, don’t make me read
about them.

Tender shoot, take the words
you so wish to drown out
and swim in them.
Take the word you struggle with,
stinger-first like a scorpion,
chew it down.
I know it is difficult, but question
your motive and thought.

Now, is it love that moves you,
or a poison you let grow
inside you?
Go ahead, take the antidote.

Of Charcoal Black | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Snail trails go round in a spring garden;
warmer breezes beget greening grasses;
lichen and moss covet the old stone wall,
I swear a baby squirrel ran by just now.

Crows are back in their murder covens.
The songbirds are here; more return daily.
Smells of the forest still musty and damp
from winter’s blanket of icy crispy leaves.

All thin ice has melted away as geese
happily swim throughout coolish waters.
It won’t be long before tadpoles and turtles
from the ole Mississippi will join them merrily.

A puff on the pipe, and a sip from the flask,
I take the sketch pad from my canvas bag.
I reflect on the beauty found during spring
a charcoal black sketch upon white paper