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Cocoon | A Poem by Rajnish Mishra

My thoughts run. They run
to hide in your protective lap,
to lie there, to sleep, carelessly.
For death can’t reach there,
you’ve told me
with your reassuring eyes.

Your eyes are brown,
the shade, I never had courage
to stay and stare.
They’re bewitching,

I hardened the cyst
but the soft core of truth,
of weakness, remained.
You’ve told me
that the fear of loss – of life, of love,
is true. You’ve told me
to rest while you weave
round me
a cocoon.

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Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold | A Poem by Janice Canerdy

Some lessons we attempt to teach our kids
they’ll learn the hard way through experience
as we did. Then we’ll hurt as their hearts break
and love them as they struggle to make sense
of life with all its unexpected turns,
of friends and lovers who deceive and lie,
who leave them feeling life is just a sham,
that happiness and love have passed them by.

It isn’t just the young who are deceived.
We’re not exempt—we who are growing old—
from lessons taught by life: sometimes it’s hard
to tell what’s genuine and what’s fool’s gold.

What Grows in Our Meta-Greenhouse | A Poem by Amanda N. Butler

Did you know that
–dandelions grow through lava, laughing
in tongues of wildflower flame?
–crabgrass grows through melted ice,
sprouting in waves of crustacean corpses
and spouting skyscrapers?
–pipes grow through bones?
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Amanda N. Butler is the author of chapbooks “Tableau Vivant,” (dancing girl press, 2015) and “effercrescent” (dancing girl press, forthcoming). Her poems have appeared in Writers Resist, Epic Protest Poems, Haikuniverse, NatureWriting, poems2go, and others.