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Living with Regret | A Poem by Wayne Russell

Profound brown leaves,
crushed underneath my
feet, like memories; swirling
and forlorn.

I dream of us and our children,
it’s the good times that I cling
onto in the noonday sun.

It’s the memories that shelter
me, from the onslaught of winter

It’s the knowledge of loneliness,
that mortifies me the most, lost
without my family.

It’s facing a craggy city, threading
a bleak needle of homelessness,
asleep in some derelict house, long
abandoned by inhabitants, encased
now by only the darkness and me.

Wayne Russell is an amateur photographer and creative writer who was born and raised in Florida. Wayne’s musings have been published online and in print since about 1990. Wayne is a recovering alcoholic who currently roams the streets of Columbus, OH.

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Snow-Covered Treetops | A Poem by Debra Sasak Ross

Brittle trees of winter
Cold wind creeps through your limbs
Like icy fingertips
Clutching at the Spring.
Snowflakes fall
Landing firmly
Creating a misty revival
For Spring’s re-birth
And salvation.

Visit Debra at

Debra Sasak Ross Is a published poet from Chicago, Il. You can find her work in the anthologies Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze and Dandelion in a Vase of Roses. Her first book, “Believe” will be published soon. You can also fine here work here and at Besides reading and writing, she loves thunderstorms and blizzards.

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“Unbecoming” | A Poem by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

I am sharing a bathroom with this woman
in a motel down along Kingston Road,
this woman who refuses to argue
because she says it is “unbecoming.”
As though you come more and more unravelled
as a person with each petty word you can’t take back.
And we are there for two nights.
In close quarters.
She really is a wise one.
I show her my tattoos and she runs her hands
over them like the blind reading Braille.
When we sleep tonight she will snore lightly
and I will fall asleep listening to that.
And in the morning we will find a place
for breakfast and park the car
and walk on in.

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A Tale of Istanbul | A Poem by Amanda Larasati

The magnificent Bosphorus smiled at me cheerfully
And the dazzling Kiz Külesi stood in the middle of it profoundly
Beyond it, the majestic Topkapi palace allured me in enchantment
Subsiding all my devastation and resentment

While strolling around, a spellbinding building captivated my attention
I found out Sultanahmet Camii was its name
The manifestation of mankind’s intellectuality and outstanding progression
An epitome of splendour that looks ravishing, graceful, and sublime

Istanbul oh Istanbul
The glorious city where mighty civilizations were established
The witness of how victory was prodigiously accomplished
Encapsulated through blood, sweat, and tears
In the pursuit of dignity and peace

Istanbul oh Istanbul
Sparkling beautifully each day and night
Reviving my spirit with felicity and delight
Redeeming the agony and despondences
To abolish all my inflictions and cries

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