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The Aesthetic Black Woman | A Poem by Lamin Jargon Fadera

I saw your beautiful long eyelashes
I thought of a person from India
I saw your eyes white and clear
I thought of a British lady
I saw your hair down to the waist
I said the Brazilian queen had arrived
I saw long decorated nails on your fingers
My mind went to Katy Perry
I saw your pink lips
I began to wonder if there was a new ethnicity

Little did I know that

Behind the long eyelashes were extensions
Behind those white clear eyes was a solution bought from a pharmacy
The long hair belonged to a Brazilian lady
Behind the red lips was a mark rouge

My hopes became a mirage
Speechless you left me, very soon you will be priceless
Hopeless you left me, no wonder you are valueless

Where do you hide your African beauty
Where is that glowing black
Why do you paint the beauty that is free
Do you forget the cost of cosmetics
Furthermore it is temporal
Remove all that decoration
What is left is the original you

The aesthetic black woman
You don’t need to borrow your appearance
You don’t need the make-up
Why do you hide behind the cosmetics
Though you doubt your beauty
You are the most sparkling woman on earth
Please leave the makeup
In the wardrobe

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