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Fallen to Rise | A Poem by Indraneel Choudhuri

I thought i was ready to go toe to toe,
And beat every obstacle, challenge and foe.

That was however a big mistake of mine,
Not just a mistake, my biggest crime.

To my knees I was brought crashing down,
I looked like a fool and felt like a clown.

I was torn apart and ruthlessly destroyed,
My soul emptied and of any passion devoid.

Then within myself I found an ember burning,
A tiny spark and the gears started turning.

I pieced myself together slowly back,
And started searching for a plan of attack.

I now spread my wings of hope and fly,
Like the mighty eagle in the sky .

I have come back; back from the dead,
To take revenge for every word you said.

You wrote me off, that was unwise,
Now like the Phoenix I shall rise.


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