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Hole in our heart | A Poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya

Eyes closed
and hands together
in prayer
we bow our heads
to the ground.
A sordid reek
coming from a weak,
fragmented financial system
pricks our nostrils
and trickles tears
from our eyes.
Horrid images
of children
with no childhood
flashes before our eyes,
no tangible relief in sight.
They may have played
golf on the moon
but there’s a hole
in our heart
and it’s bleeding hard.


Bhuwan Thapaliya works as an economist, and is the author of four poetry collections. Thapaliya’s books include the recently released Safa Tempo: Poems New and Selected (Nirala Publication, New Delhi), and Our Nepal, Our Pride ( Poetry by Thapaliya has been included in The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry and Tonight: An Anthology of World Love Poetry, as well as in literary journals such as Urhalpool, MahMag, Kritya, Folly mag,he Vallance Review, Nuvein Magazine, Foundling Review, Poetry Life and Times, Poets Against the War, Voices in Wartime, Taj Mahal Review, Voices Education Project, Poets Printery, The Asia Mag, Ink Node and more.

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