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Stock Car Sally | A Poem by Elaine Meredith

About the once
small valley town,
now filled with the pizzazz
of the trendy time twosomes,
the zip and zing are gone,
all zapped away.
No more the streetlight
slips through shadows
to the back screen door
silence of a Saturday night
split by the screams
of stock car sally
shooting from the speedway.
All is spun away in scenes
of sudden sadness;
sparks sailing skyward past
the sure same smoothness
of stucco sided suburbs
soundless save the snap
from switched insect traps
which whisper silent songs
of seasons more so sensible
when my sweetie and I slipped
down the street to sip suds
and speculate upon the slide
of silent sincerity; cementing
our souls with suppositions
and sayings, speaking of some
day soon beneath
the orange neon glow
of a watchful
backlit moon.

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