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The Legend | A Poem by Indraneel Choudhuri

An ordinary man covered in a cage of armour,
No where could you find a face calmer,

Than was his in the face of battle,
Nothing and no one could him rattle.

And on he marched with sword in hand,
A single face in this massive band,

Of soldiers and farmers walking side by side,
To defend their country against this great tide,

Of barbarians and hooligans hungry for blood,
To be split and mixed with the soil and mud,

Of this great country of his,
Disrupted from it’s state of peace and bliss.

The horn sounded and the war began,
The River of Red;it ran and ran.

For days and months the war did last,
Into the abyss of death a great number of men were cast.

But then came forth this ordinary man,
With blazing eyes like the wind he ran,

Weaving his way past soldiers alive and dead,
He filled the enemy with horror and dread.

He then leaped into the sky with all his might,
The leader fell as he lost forever his ambitious sight,

The sword driven into the heart and soul,
Of the enemy which perished into the dust and coal.

The king proclaimed a reward just,
His weight in gold and a bronze bust.

The man smiled a humble smile,
And was carried a hero for many a mile,

Confined forever to the history books to be,
A man no more, a God was he!


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