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Splintered Eyelid, Gem of Sleep | A Poem by Stephanie

Splintered eyelid- gem of sleep, crude
Imaginings, sentient lump- trail of
Unkempt sorrow and storm biding
By moon of sheen and starlight, creed-

Emporium of white-washed scales and
Skeins, lithely brushing dints and dreams
That cruelly fade and frown to gleams,
Heaven’s nymph of sprayed glint-

And this sickness pervades my being
Like folly to thick wings- spread out
And in as thought to whim, gnarled
Bent like holy finish-

Holy Ghost phantasies, stretched taut
And timbered- siphoned drawl in
Swift unfurl- gashes deepening hold-
Scepter glimmer, snaked frisk-
Loose and lucid droop that frills.

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