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An App a Day | A Poem by Ralph Monday

She said he didn’t know how
to love.
No problem–downloaded a
Love app and made like Valentino.
Not satisfied, she sighed that he
lacked sensitivity.
So…hit Google and felt, like an
Alaskan snow crab dipped in
drawn butter, the curing call–Dr. Phil
Sensitive Male App.
Didn’t help with chick flicks.
Did help with fake tears, cheerleaders,
Which troubled her commitment
detection feelers.
Found an app for that, buck fifty,
on ITunes, inspiration for facebooking
an old parking pad to seek counsel.
She happily sent a link to an advice
app hidden deep in Pipl,
but by this stage he had forgotten
why he had sought the first three.
By the time his memory app cleared
Homeland Security he lost the password
to the Ipad, went to An App a Day,
discovered that she had downloaded
the Coming Out App.

Ralph Monday has had over 200 poems published in literary journals and online literary sites. A chapbook, All American Girls and Other Poems was recently published, and a book Lost Houses and American Renditions is forthcoming from Hen House Press.

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