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Surround Me | A Poem by Andromeda

Surround me with silence, not as in tombs
A throbbing silence speaks not of doom;
Sweet it is, as unheard melodies
Soothing silence like a passing breeze.

Surround me with darkness, not of failed quest
Snug as the womb where unborn babes rest;
A darkness that gathers in to embrace
That looks in, not out, with curious gaze.

Surround me with pain, not of desires that thwart
But the pain of men and beasts and birds;
A pain that braodens my mind and my heart
That That gives me the strength to live not apart.

Surround me with dreams, not seen with closed eyes
That tell me to awake and to arise;
Dreams that guide my footsteps all day long
That move me to endlessly march on


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