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At Grandad’s House | A Poem by Imogen Anderson

I will never forget
How your garden looked
It is frozen in time.
A memory I barely remember
I was only two or three
and yet I can still feel
– the grass beneath my feet
– the pebble-covered driveway
– the line of beautiful flowers.
We came when I was sick
from too many marshmallows
driving in the car
the motion made me nauseous.
We came to your backyard
and still I can remember
– the inside of your house
– the bathroom tiled in green
– the piano
– the delicate glass everywhere.
A house of memories
but the yard meant more to me
my first word ‘flower’
encouraged by your garden.
I can still feel the fear
the Bird of Paradise instilled
the orange and black foliage
made me wary.
Thinking that a spider
was hidden there.


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