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Ritual Dance of Everyday Living | A Poem by Andromeda

He knows garbage needs to be taken out
And flower pots to be watered;
He knows soiled clothes go into the basket
Not left round the quarters;
Yet he waits till asked to do the task
That’s the Dance and that’s the farce.

She knows mobil needs to be changed
And old bulb replaced with new
She knows where to use hammer and drill
And how to tighten a screw:
Yet she waits in the park but doesn’t do the task
That’s the dance and that’s the farce.

For each a role, not written on scrolls
To be lived despite knowledge;
Rules are set, can’t be upset
At home, in school or college:

When she steps out to handle a mouse
His scowl is dark as thunder;
When he stays home, makes it his own
“Whatever’s gone wrong?” she wonders.

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