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Streetlights | A Poem by Stephen Webb – Rhyme Island

Stands a tall lamppost on the corner of my street
A friend to lean upon as I skip the odd heartbeat
Its streetlight flickers above me during the night
Sending me a coded message for me to sight
It lights the dark around me yet drowns that star
You know that one I look for to find you from afar
Vaguely I figure what you’re trying to clearly say
Love to reply in person if only we could find a way
My shadow reflects here of what you can expect
Can only show this in light of me for you to dissect
Seeing you smile as you look on me without blink
Thrills me no end inside as I know what you think
Streetlight now fades as light of day shines through
Happy times had again, “Yes, I know for you too!”
See you tomorrow night under this streetlight of love
Bringing us warmly together amongst stars above


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