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Shelter the Storm | A Poem by Pawandeep Singh

To question every truth as if it was lie,
I see the world through a different eye.

When I conquer, I rise, I feel the skies,
The lies spoken don’t cut much ice.

See you as a need born out of fear,
To ease pain of existence so sheer.

A force, a name to keep the beast in tow,
A purpose to which all must bow.

To trust, to believe with questions so few,
The powerful seek and get their due.

So distant I feel from unwavering trust,
As if on my subconscious its brutally thrust,

I look within I find only me,
No trace anywhere of the sublime thee.

Your maker am I, or my maker is you,
Quest is old but there is no answer new.

Yet, I seek guidance when I am in need,
Across, I see that it is all my deed.

I can’t see, I can’t feel you,
Anywhere far or in distance few.

Show me what I am; show me what I see,
Image of Thee or I am just me?


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