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Come, My Beloved | A Poem by Andromeda

Come meet me on the burning pyre, Beloved
Your red-orange arms outstretched
To catch me; your blazing face awash with love
Eager to embrace a soul long dead
A body now deceased.
Regrets and sorrow, fears and tears
Now futile as the soothing sun rays
That once woke to life now withered blooms:
Come play with my burning dreams, Beloved
Once radiant as rainbows, now charred
Beyond recognition; a fistful of ash
Soon to tumble into flowing streams of Time
To float, to swirl, to disintegrate
To rest at last in peace
Swayed in oceanic cradles:
Deep, deep let them sink
To find new homes to live new lives
Perhaps in oyster shells
Or in coloured coral reefs
Rewinding, rebuilding, rejuvenating


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