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Just Female | A Poem by Andromeda

Six or sixty – you’re just female
to be drawn, quartered, or restrained
to submit, follow, be enslaved
A chattel; or product of exchange.

You think you’ve a mind? You err
That lie we’ve never heard before
You’re born to serve, bred to bend
You needn’t stand; don’t pretend.

Why is that so, you dare to ask?
Audacity grows; we’ll take you to task
Know you are the cause, the emblem
of desire, of sinful thoughts of men.

Full of Eve’s guile are you
Sita’s allure has made men rue
the day she followed her man’s path
and brought down on him Fortune’s wrath.

In subjugation your salvation find
Virginity’s your shield, close to you bind
Violated once, hide, hide your face
Or be a whore to gain man’s grace.


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