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The Girl Who Disappears | A Poem by Amanda K. Dudley-Penn

Am I that girl?
Am I the girl who disappears?
Am I the one who speaks too softly?
Am I the one no one hears?
Are those the questions that I will ask
As I take my final breath?
Will I have made a mark on this earth
Before I meet with death?
Am I but a whisper
In the minds of those I’ve met.
Have I done something good,
Something they won’t forget?
Have I stood up against wrongs?
Have I stood my ground?
Or have I yelled against the wind
And no one heard a sound?
Have I raised my chin determined?
Have I been brave?
Have I cried out at injustice
Even when I was afraid?
Or am I the lonely girl
Who fades silently away?
The girl who no one has memories of
Or who had nothing to say?
Am I the girl who
No one wanted to hold dear?
Am I that girl
The girl who disappears.


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