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Bear Reports | A Poem by Carolyn Foote Edelmann

lately, there’ve been reports
of black bear sightings
along many of my daily trails
– regrettably, a day or so
after my eager excursions

at the Pole Farm
I follow very deep
extremely straight tracks
incised through mud
in the dark wood
and o, how I want them
to mean coyote

near Keefe Road,
next to my parked car’s back tire
this stack of very pointy
very glossy
black scat
could very well be

don’t get me wrong
I’m happy for brown thrashers
green frogs
rare monarchs, sipping
among flowers taller than I

on the bridges trail
where the fox roams
I count twenty paces between
bursts of “eau de terroir”

why then
does it matter
so very much
that these sites
belong to the bears?


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