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That Day | A Poem by Jamsheed Shafi

That day was beautiful.
There were winds but there was also a calm.
There was an innocent me waiting to see
Then she came…
The winds were slow but my heart beat fast.
I tried to talk and talk out of my heart.
I waited for an opportunity to come
But there was none…
Then came that time, I was ready to talk.
while I was about to say, she left me in that
I followed her and said ‘you are the one’.
Body shivered, hands trembled and everything
became out of focus.
the only thing I could see was her…
Now was her turn, ‘impossible’ she said.
I am possible I heard.
But with time she faded away.
And I lost her in that way…
I know that’s the past.
But everytime I move forward,
The present has to struggle with the past.
So I remain where I am.
Struggling to move forward.
Struggling to live.
Struggling to exist…

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One thought on “That Day | A Poem by Jamsheed Shafi

  1. zarrineh

    Beautiful poem, very touching.
    Keep on writing, your pen has a way to describe emotions very vividly.