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Too Many Idioms | A Poem by Earnest Tilling

Life is good.
What if it’s not?
What if you
Have fungus or foot rot?

Make lemons into lemonade.
What if it’s sour?
Or what if you run out
Of lemons and so does the store
And you end up needing
A whole other hour?

What if you see the glass half empty
Instead of half full?
And what if that idiom nonsense
Is a whole lot of bull?

And what if there is no light
At the end of the tunnel
So if you’re a mystic
You have a whole more light to channel?
And what if you’re not a mystic?
Then you have no light at all

What if every cloud
Had a sulfurous lining
Instead of a silver one?
And how can a silver lining
Harness something as free as a cloud?

And what if
You can’t keep your chin up?
What if you had cancer
And your lymph nodes swelled
And you had no choice
But to have your jaw removed?
Knowing that you would die most likely
Then what can you do?

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