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Colder Than A Snowman | A Poem by PYG’s Whisper

I live in a wooden house
I cannot turn on the fireplace ’cause I may burn the walls
Winter has already come
and the snow covered my garden and cold froze the neighbor’s water
I look through the window and wait for you to come home
I’m so cold and I can’t feel the blood in my veins
you know, I’m not one of those who hate this season
I love the sound of the rain on my ceiling
I adore the steam coming out from my mouth to the glass then drawing
weird shapes and smiling
I like to wear my pink jacket and my Hello Kitty hat that my
grandma bought me
then going out to build snowman like I did last year
well I admit that I’m always the one who ate his nose
that’s why I told you, you should not use the carrot anymore
it’s our third winter together
but for me it’s the twelfth
’cause during those three years under the same roof
I knew only one season named cold
all my days were winter
your arms were always frozen
that even when you hold me I feel like I’m paralyzed
your words are so dry and your mind is always emptied
you asked me, “Why I like to hug and kiss my snowman? Isn’t too
oohhh baby, i guess you never knew that you’re colder than a
I can feel warmth even if you bury me under the frost
But I’d be cold, even if you built me a castle in your core
if you wonder why I’m still living in your frosted palace
you should know that even if you’re colder than a snowman
your heart is warm by the flame of mine
and if I go, you’re gonna lose the meaning of your life
even though you will never admit it when you look into my eyes…


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