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If You Have To Leave | A Poem by PYG’s Whisper

Everything is a blur this night
you are talking but I feel blank inside
all I see is your lips moving up and down
And all I know is that my ears refuse to hear what you’re trying to
I’m watching you but I’m not sure that you are watching me back
’cause the expression that I have in my eyes has only one sense
“Stop your Obama speech, you can take your love and go away now”
but you are working hard to find excuses for yourself
Simply ’cause you don’t wanna be the one to blame!
Did I say you are guilty?
Did I ask you to stay with me?
Did I beg you to never leave me?
Boy, if you have to leave let me whisper those words for you
in the name of our love let me perform my poem for the last time in
front of you
I’m not yours and you’re not mine
No one could own the other’s heart
also no one could stop us from being in pain ’cause of the one we love!
I’m not sad but my heart is not okay
Not ’cause you’re waving GOODBYE
but ’cause I’m not able to hold on to you and make you stay
my stupid heart won’t talk to yours ’cause you already took it away
I know I’m not a beautiful lady
I’m not sexy I’m not classy
I’m so simple and my style is ugly
But I’ve got a tender body to warm you up when you’re cold
my heart is a great empire that you could call home
inside there is only love, happiness, and desire
my world is ordinary from the outside
but when you open my door your eyes will hurt ’cause of the brilliance of my stars
I feel ashamed ’cause I couldn’t make you see the lights or touch the sky
but I will hope you to find what you were looking for from the
even though I still believe that I could be what you need to survive
but I won’t try to change your mind ’cause you already thought about leaving me once
so you will certainly think about it twice
so, before the pain of my heart grows stronger,
I allow you to fly where you can smile
and, as I promised you before, I will never let you know if I’m hurt or not
’cause I don’t want you to live with any blame
even though I’m pretty sure that once you leave this place you won’t even remember my name…


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