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Brave Woman Is Weak in Love | A Poem by PYG’s Whisper

I still remember that day
when mom told me with her softy voice
you should never show your weakness I need you to be strong over the rocks
I was only ten years old
I didn’t really understand the meaning of these words
but it affected me deeply
and I have learned throughout my thorny path to walk tall
she told me that I should never cry for a man
I should never think of marriage before drawing my way
and if I miss the train of love it’s alright
’cause men look for a slave and they fear the queens
so I worked hard to achieve my dream
I fought to have a solid place in this society
and I tortured my soul to have an unbreakable personality
I’m the woman who is afraid of nothing
the woman who’s walking 280km/hour without thinking about the
walls that she can cross while running
the strong woman who changes the world by a single glance
the one that sadness doesn’t dare to visit her life
and tears are afraid to face her eyes
I’m the example of the resistant woman but they never know that I’m
the battered woman
After so many years I finally admitted what I had always ignored
Brave Woman Is Weak In Love
I thought no man could underestimate me in my warrior life
but only one ripped my mask
he so easily broke my ego
without asking my permission he guides me and I follow
unintentionally I became dependent on an unknown human
when I had to be independent…
with one word I’m guided
when I had to be the one to order
suddenly I lost the remote control of my life
and I’m unable to stop the events that scroll in front of my eyes
it’s so fast and it makes me dizzy
I had lived without any worry
Now I live in fear of losing what was never for me
I who always used to choose between take or leave
I live where I have to choose between leave or leave
I who was always the winner
I got the award of the biggest loser…


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