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When I Become a Mama | A Poem by PYG’s Whisper

Maybe I’m still young or maybe I’ve already missed the train
But I still want to dream about the future and my happy life
I still want to have a children and teach them what I taught
I still want to tell them my story and how I fought
When I become a mama I will teach my son how to respect his sister
how to be a real man by his manly charm not by his rude character
I will teach him how to express his feeling to the others
and there is no theory that says only weak men cry
and there is no rule affirming that men are monster children
I will tell him how it feels to be a heartbroken
How it feels to be rejected and ignored
How painful it is when someone show up your heart in public when you never wanted it to happen
when I become a mama I will introduce to my son my best friend miss
I will let him spend a holiday with her without my presence
I want to help him understand the true meaning of love by this
that when we love there is no place for doubt or boredom in our
and wherever we go we still can take care of our lovers
the more we are far away the more our feelings grow like a herbs
I will plant in his pure garden my sensitive sensation
and I will etch on his white brain my precious citation
Don’t be ashamed when you fall in love, better to feel like a fool in life
than guilty ’cause of your prideful side
when I become a mama I will show my daughter my real face
and before I became her number one bias I was made of glass
I fell 4 billion times and I broke and I took time to heal my
I will teach her that girls have one mutual pride
and they all fight for one mutual point
is to be respected as a human not useful as an object
and the irresistible female beauty is living under their superficial vestments
and before making up her face, she needs to learn how to make up her mind
I want her to understand that the equality between men and women
doesn’t mean acting like them till she loses her feminine charm
but it means doing what she can do to build a strong personality
but never let go of her sweet charisma just as her favorite
Barbie does
When I become a mama I will help my kids find their way and reach
their dreams
I will respect their choices and support their decisions
when I become a mama I will be the person that I needed to meet when I was young but unfortunately never found…


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