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The Abyss | A Poem by Eli

Mom grab my hand pull me out of the abyss of depression
Abyss definition chasm gorge bottomless pit just a few words to
describe depression
Mom… Mom I miss you you don’t how much I miss the old memories
Wanna sit here and look through pictures?
Listen to music and talk?
Listen to my problems? I’ll Listen to yours I promise!
Wanna walk to the park? How’s your day going? Mommy How was work? I’m staring at an empty chair and asking these question but why
I miss you
We used to be so close but I’m weak I slipped into this Abyss I know you slipped into a nasty habit but you can break it
You are stronger Mommy
Just stop leaving
Just stay and leave the world behind
Can you help me out of the abyss? If you help I’ll help you break your habit oh wait you don’t know your problem yet
No you are going out to have another drink that’s fine I’ll sit here… I’ve been waiting so long I’ve got scars now because I thought you left… oh you are going out again okay that’s fine don’t look at my wrist please mother I’m ashamed… it’s just fear and sadness I’m weak mom! I promise to never show you my sadness I promise I’ll never show you my scars they are a sign for the weak

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