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Come Back to Me | A Poem by Zarrineh

I can feel your hand in mine,
I can see your eyes giving me a sign,
I can hear your voice repeating my favorite line,
I can sense our bodies tangling like an old vine,
Since you have crossed over,
Can’t tip my toes in the water.
Can’t smell the scent from the flower,
Can’t hear the sound of laughter,
Have lost my wings,
Can’t fly and see things,
Now, there is even rust in our gold rings,
Come back to me, you know how,
Didn’t you make me a vow,
Heaven offers you peace, I know,
My lips only want your kiss, you know,
Return to me with the breeze,
Shake my core; rescue me from the freeze,
Loving you always put me at ease,
Your love is the remedy for this disease,
Unlock my heart with your magic keys,
Make it well, please, please.

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