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Mom! | A Poem by Eli

I love you
I miss you

You left me when I was young
You took a piece of my childhood away
I know it was the best decision
You left me
but you gave me a loving father
I hug you and tell you that I love you
but I hold my tears back
Come back mom! Come back to your old self!
Give me another kiss on the cheek and tell me everything is going to
be fine even though I know it not true
But I’ll believe it because you are my
You don’t know my sadness how much it hurts to look up at a person
that keeps leaving Put the cup down hug me talk to me mom tell me
about your day that’s all I want to know I love you
MOM! MOM! MOM! Wake up this isn’t you I know it’s not real wake up Oh
you are leaving again that’s fine I guess love you mom be safe I’ll
see you back here soon
I have said this since my first words and I’ll say this forever I love

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