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Depression | A Poem by Brandon Bretsnyder

My most noticeable expression
I don’t know what it’s caused by
Maybe it’s because people lie
Could it be that nobody cares
Or is it from all of these cuts and tears
All of this depression makes me feel so blue
But there’s one person I can look up to
This person treats me with respect
When all I do is neglect
This person shows me love
When all I do is push and shove
This person is my Father
But I just feel like a bother
He deserves more
Than just a son whose attitude is poor
You deserved to be listened to
Everything that I am saying is true
I love you Dad
I know that in the past I’ve been bad
But I want to make it up to you
Anyway that you choose
You are the Yang to my Yin
The Coke to my Gin
Dad, I love you
Do you feel the same way too?

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