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‘Cause You Are My Cocaine | A Poem by PYG’s Whisper

I turn off the lights then I turn on the radio
I lay on the floor and my eyes are drawn to the window
I guess you never knew that it’s my daily attitude
I avoid meeting people outside
’cause I don’t wanna mix their voices with yours in my head
I walk with a blindfold around my eyes
cause I don’t wanna distort your picture in there
they think I’m living alone but I’m not lonely
they ask how can I communicate with the walls but I’m not crazy
maybe my way to live is kinda strange
but it’s my only issue to still remain alive
and despite the pain that burns me inside
I never think of leaving this world
the world, which contains my star!
to sleep in the night, I imagine you here
covering my body with your love and caressing my long dark hair with
your sweetness.
I cannot detach myself from my bed in the morning
if I cannot imagine your lips tickling my cheeks
and your words warming up my heart
I never have breakfast, lunch or dinner
If you are not around my kitchen, hugging my back and singing BABY YOU
I know that I’ve got all the symptoms of a psychopath girl
and if you try to kick me out of this fantasy
I’m gonna be a dangerous criminal out of control
‘Cause you are my cocaine
and my life without you is like a Halloween
they ask why my eyes are always closed do I have to see a doctor?
I just reply that I’m filming a movie in which I’m the principal
and if you want to watch it, you have to buy your ticket at the
gather around my grave the day of my death with my dreams
but don’t forget to recount me the end of my movie
‘Cause even when I’m the producer
I don’t have the right to chose the Farewell of my virtual story…

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