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Servitude | A Poem by Rashmi

A sweet little flower did live
Upon the merry stream.
Carefree in the wind it blew;
And protected its own
Fought for what’s right even as the cold winds tried to curb it.

But alas the little flower was blown away by the wind
It found itself in a beautiful little home.
It bloomed and spread its fragrance around;
But little did it realise that was not why it was there
Its beauty now no one saw
Only the thorns and colourless petals
It was told to stay in its vase
Not linger in the sun or feel the wind on its face
It fought against its masters for it was not its nature
It was born to be free and wild not caged
But slowly its will broke down… now the flower
Pretends to be fragrant and in bloom
Waiting for the day it wilts.

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