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The Kiss | A Poem by Zarrineh

Oh my Lord,
The eyes always loosen the cord,
Sing the perfect chord,
The love song is clearly heard,
For the record,
When the green light flashes on the board,
Waiting, you can afford,
Kiss without uttering a word,
Universal language of touch,
Expression of love with passion as such,
The kiss, the perfect state of pleasure,
It’s like holding a treasure,
The kiss and its measure,
Easing up the pressure,
The moment those lips have met,
Peace bearing, as a holy writ,
Energizing your body’s every piece and bit,
You realize language is of no use,
The kiss is the pointer you can’t refuse,
The kiss from those sought after lips,
Resurrection of sunken ships,
The heat from the kiss melting the freeze,
Makes you floating like the spring breeze,
Now, this is how you step into Heaven on planet Earth,
Almost experiencing a rebirth.

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