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Amour | A Poem by Ajise Vincent

Tonight, I’ll pour out my inky passion
on these thirsty pages of love
so they can convey my emotion
to the core of your thought.

Tonight, let me go back to time immemorial
and chew on the reminiscent of your smile
that inspired my heart crust
and made me a persona of sweet tingles.

Tonight, let me stare into oblivion
wishing I could capture the sky
and pluck a emollient star
to be presented to you anytime you made a wish.

Love, I am baptised by your care.
soaked by your understanding.
for you gave me your heartbeat
when I cracked mine on the rock of selfishness.

Lo! Like the law of demand,
as the price of time fades
my quantity for you basks higher.

Let us forever be in affection.
soar the mercies of peace with caution.
Till death do us path. No division.

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