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African Diva | A Poem by Don Beukes

I am the legend of millennia,
My story still epically riddled with fear,
At the dawn of time
my worth rather sublime,
My gift to man painfully a divine crime,
Instinct and intuition
my lifetime ambition,
Abused and violently misused,
Glorified in fiction,
Laws of man and land could not break me,
Even through their scarlet imprints,
They did not see
my earthly connection,
Created by atomic friction,
My universal appeal
causing global contradiction,
I am still a pulsating life-giving force,
Witness to senseless and devouring
devastating wars.

My legacy will be historically
murmured forever,
I am and always will be,
African Diva.


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7 thoughts on “African Diva | A Poem by Don Beukes

    1. Don

      Nicolene so sorry to only reply now. I never got confirmation via email of any replies thanks for your ongoing support! Thank you!

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