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Country Song | A Poem by Alec Solomita

A slight ache throbs behind
my eyes,
a little ache
just behind my eyes.
I am studying how I may compare my…

A shaft opens up from my throat to my groin.
Sighs are my food, drink are my tears…

Waking is darker than sleep.
I dreamt of blood while beside me
a madwoman laughed.

And this morning, the TV runs on,
bringing her comfort and me
a feeling so lonesome I could

Alec Solomita has published fiction and poetry in Eclectica, The
Adirondack Review, The Mississippi Review, Southwest Review, and
elsewhere. Most recently, his work has appeared in Turk’s Head
Review, MadHatLit, Truck, 3ElementsReview, and Atomic. Several of his poems will be published in the forthcoming Fulcrum: An International Anthology of Poetry and Aesthetics. He lives in Somerville, Mass.

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