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Stimulated Vibrations I and II | A Poem by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



this life is a bullet of words
shot into the depths of craniums…
it is the wails on the lips of thousands

i have been hit
and i bleed profusely…


these tears are the wetness of my sore
and my sleeplessness is not of a lost love
it is the nurse of my worded wound…

i see myriads of lines swirl in my bleeds
i recuperate…i relapse

tell me…
are these my dreams too?




yesterday…how i tried…

to hide from this force within, eating me
from this poetic burden and breeds for words…

but which mother neglects the weeps of her womb?

the wails of empty spaces
the cries of quills, tender…

held me bound!


i wish i could tell the day i gulped this water
fashioned in the rituals of words…

a thirst for a thirst for my thirst
for in my drunkeness, i still thirst

tell me
what happens to a drunkard thirsty for words?


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