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Coming to Earth | A Poem by Zarrineh

Coming to Earth was a privilege for selected few, even up in Heavens, no one knew,

When it is your time to join the flight crew, not even a single clue,

A particle in a pile of clay, I wondered when it would be my day,
Rumi’s word on my tiny mind, “Love is a phenomenon of no other kind”,

I hear the flutter of wings; angels selecting different things,
Afterwards, it is quite blurry; there is a commotion and a flurry,
I am in a sack of water; from outside I hear laughter,

I see this young man caressing a woman’s cheek; his voice trembling and thick,

Somehow, I feel his touch, between us there is connection as such,
They dance to a series of songs, breathing happiness to their lungs,

My world is dark, limited and stark,

I am fed with a tube attached to my belly, unable to bounce freely,
No difference between my day and night, I am missing The Light,
All of sudden, I sense a stir, everything is fast and blur,
She cries of pain, his hand clenched to hers like a chain,,
I am going down; I am going to drown,

There is no hope in this darkness, oh what a mess!
Wait a minute; in unison they say, I love you, welcome to our crew,
I open my eyes; I see lots of light, things I don’t recognize,
But, I smell love; it was worth it, the push and the shove,
The road to love is pretty intricate; believing in love is significant,

I grab his finger really tight, sucking on her breast with all my might.

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