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Two Poems For The Sweaty Earth | A Poem by Nana Arhin Tsiwah


the rains have
ceased to snore,
awaiting hearts in noons
they lie indifferent
under grimaced clouds

baked earth,
worms refuses to vomit
gritty grains of soil,
leaves are in-attentive
silence have quaked

distill silent breaths
grace browned shrubs
scrap and screen
till golden tubers
are milked.


storms gossip
with raging winds,
tides speaks,
in-lows; in-highs

mountains build
out of drunken waters,
the sea cascades
under-canoes; over-heads

sweat mixes saliva
open intestines leak
till night falls; day draws
till incessant muscles smiles.


Nana Arhin Tsiwah is a disciple of Pan-African Consciousness, a
cultural ideologist and a student of Akanism. Tsiwah, a linguist-
performist of Mfante-Akan Traditional Ancestry writes from Cape

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