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Things Do Change | A Poem by Veronica

It seems like
yesterday we
couldn’t go a day
without talking,
an hour without
texting, a minute
without joking, a
second without

We could talk
All day and night
and never get bored.
We couldn’t go a day
without each other.
Our conversations
were longer.
We had a lot to say
every time we met.
I would start a
sentence and you
would finish it, that’s
how close we were.

We used to have the
same dreams.
We had the same
goals, you were my
responsibility and I
was yours.
We used to think
the same, talk the
same and even reason
the same.

When it was cloudy
and cold I was there
for us to cuddle.
You always made me
smile even when all
I felt like doing was

But then you changed;
our talks were cut
Our conversations
became more like
Your hugs, which used to
feel so warm, now are
so cold.
A person that used
to be so warm is now
so cold my heart is filled
with cracks, surprisingly
You’re the reason for all of it.
Now I’m holding an
envelope of all those
butterflies that I used to
feel in my tummy
Each time I saw you, thought
of you, or even heard your
Most of them are dead, a few
of then are injured, and others
can barely fly.
I didn’t know love
could cause so much
pain in one heart.
I never thought
things would be this
bad until now.
You have made something
beautiful so ugly.
But I still love you.
I hate to admit I
Miss you…
Love forgives even when it

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