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You Hung the Moon | A Poem by Mary Bone

I sat alone in the dark,
drinking coffee,
nursing old wounds and new.
I thought of the way things used to be-
when I had you.
When I had you, the sun shone brightly,
my head was in a swoon,
when I held you tightly.
We sang the same tune,
and I thought you’d hung the moon.
Now I’m alone in the dark,
as I sit and croon.
I used to be happy as a lark
But, I still think you
hung the moon.

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One thought on “You Hung the Moon | A Poem by Mary Bone

  1. Sean Corvin

    What an amazingly transferable experience reading your poem was, I often do the same lol, love the line “you hung the moon” reminds me of a line from “in search of the miraculous” where Ouspensky reminds us that we are all food for the moon.