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The Girl with Fear | A Poem by Keith Russell

She was always living the life of horror and fear,
In this world she was living in, nothing about her seemed too clear.
Everything she came across in her life, she was petrified,
She believed in God but always thought in her heart the devil was
She was scared to kiss, hug, scared to touch,
Scared of sex because love is a lie and the pain is too much.

She was scared to open those beautiful eyes and see,
Scared she might see something gruesome, including me.
Scared to be happy so she would always be in an indecisive mood,
Scared about gaining weight so she wouldn’t eat any food.
Never had goals and dreams to spread her wings and fly,
Always hated her life and even tho she never understand it she still
was afraid to die.

She never liked being by herself so she was always afraid of being
But she never gave a dude a chance because she was scared they would
leave her on her own.
Scared of getting old because her beauty might fade away,
Scared of keeping friends because she can’t trust anybody and they might
just turn on her one day.

We all are human beings and we all are afraid of something here,
But this is a girl who has always lived a life of fear.

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