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The Scribe | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

As I stand upon the final precipice to be judged,
I must admit, I shall be known as a dreamer;
a humble scribe among those of visionary knowledge,
rather than the king of the massed liars and schemers.
They’re perched upon their egotistical thrones of gold;
without passionate desires or perceptive purpose.
Feeding off those within the realm of shadowed souls,
A harried journey through hell’s fiery circus.
Although I might appear alone or remiss;
I find a sense of tranquility and feted bliss here.
I know not why, but many fill the obstreperous abyss;
while others simply heighten my fatalistic conformity.

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a poet originally from Hampton, New
Hampshire and now resides in Seminole, Oklahoma. Although writing
poetry, inspirational pieces and short stories for years he has
decided to pursue the publishing of his work. His published poems can be viewed at and

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