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Time Not Sleeping | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Time not sleeping but forever creeping;
through shadowed dreams lies a heartless twist;
Breathing to live while the blood is steeping,
the sun exhales at last, alighting a lunar mist.

As the heart beats the clock, the tick and the talk,
love burns with a heat, but cools with the cheat.
Never wishing to lose over darkened black hues,
Through a misty nights weeping and shadows of blue.

Through the teary haze, affixing my gaze,
A moon so bright on this cool twilight.
Love kind and true, gone now and ablaze.
Time not sleeping, just creeping out of sight.

How starved your ego must have been,
to devour my heart with such a treacherous grin.
For time’s not sleeping, but forever creeping,
Grasping for love, my conscious mind spins.

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