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Brave Hearts, Brave On | A Poem by Vivian Belford

Don’t mind the names called and bashed
Ugly, Stupid, useless, worthless nonetheless
Profanities spewed from noxious tongues
These adjectives, though hard to bear
Brave hearts brave on

Don’t mind the put-downs, letdowns and use
Nothings, nonsense, babble, baloney
All low lyrics from irate depths
Though they hurt this much to hear
Brave hearts brave on

Never to bend to harsh hashing hurdles
Neither cave under hate hating hassles
Ashes for beauty, sorrow for service
Warriors ride on and above burning coals
Brave hearts brave on

In my book, it’s all rants in runts
Though your voice and still your choice
Oblivious you are to hate the ones
Who bear their pains with constant smiles
Brave hearts, brave on

Vivian Belford is freelance writer by day and an aspiring actor by
night, she started writing professionally in 2013. She easily gets
bored hence a sucker for adventures.

She takes it upon herself to write with respect as “words have no say in how they are used”.

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