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Jilted | A Poem by Vivian Belford

He rhapsodizes, besotted by lust
She beams, rapt by lyrics and rhymes
Of baby, sugar, sweetie and honey
Now cascading at your feet, eager to love
Then without a fuss, you’ve had your fill
Your hunger is quenched before hers stirred
If this was church, she only heard grace
And it was not even chanted in fellowship
If this was love, it’s premature
It’s like that phrase “stillborn babe”
For even the day, step ladders in fours
Morn to noon and even to night
And daily food permits to nourish
At breakfast, lunch and dinner at will
Yet you attacked the appetizer with so much ado
Ditched the main course like a sorry sight
Leaving no care for tidbits of delicious deserts
See now she reeks like “leftover”
Pinioning and pouting in the dark

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