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Breathless Heart | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Cherish the flamboyance of a chaotic festoon;
surrounding the bloom of a December rose;
a final heaving exhale of the full lunar orb;
the cries of the heartless sob out loud.

Lost within this lifeless, bitter cartoon;
Vowing silence through weathered piety;
grounded by a charcoal black moving sky;
my impudent world of shackled safety…

Following justice to the final bell;
Shaving some ice for a tequila sunrise;
Dances and glances circling the lofty despots;
as the vultures of consciousness devour my dream.

Ravens working magic using pastel colored paints.
The insolence inspired by a day long since gone;
Walk your proud pathway standing, never kneeling.
Renewing the warm light within your breathless heart;
Now Inhaling.

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