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A Comely Dare | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

In the waning hours
just before dawn
Where the Sirens sing
their shrill serenades;
We grasp the rigging
spying jagged crags,
whispering old tales
of the Mermaid Rock
Where women of beauty
comb seaweed hair
while waving to passing ships.
A sonnet to entice,
an echoing comely dare.
Calling lonely sailors
and mariners of the seas
To their death upon the rocks
while shrieking revenant pleas.

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One thought on “A Comely Dare | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

  1. Christine Edmunds

    Ken has some absolutely wonderful poems and love this one A comely dare’
    Highlights how I was brought up with myths if mermaids.
    Beautiful usage of words