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The Life of Love | A Poem by Chris Byrne

Are we unemotional humans that randomly feel or are we
highly evolved humans that feel compassion and love randomly,
always seeking always looking for that animalistic nature we all
crave that is evident with all creatures upon this earth.

Or are we just humans that have yet to grasp the idea of love,
and the qualities it brings to our live’s, never knowing never
valuing the power it holds, that one word that will either
scare or encapsulate a person’s words without them saying
anything, nothing, not a word but just knowing seeing.

Yet when it comes to love, we hurt, we push away,
never knowing the power of love, a wonder we can hold,
yet we feel and see it all around; some crave it, some will
never know what it is.

Whilst we forget we live on a planet that hurtles through space,
never stopping, never giving a moment’s thought about love;
we cause more hardship and more hate, less love when the
world needs more love, less hate, us as humans need more

When there’s nothing left, the planet earth destroyed,
will you value love; the time is now, not tomorrow;
we have a duty to love each other, not then but now,
show less hate more, but we’re human, it’s what we do.

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