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Cycling | A Poem by T. F. Rice

old photograph
square with rounded edges
my mother and her mother
walk a pastel beach

small frothy waves
just reach the sand
her belly swells
with my looming presence
in hand a paper cup with straw
from some long gone eatery

I notice how she stands
her mother the same way
interchangeable sandy feet,
thin tan legs, soft upper arms
she is gesturing
for the camera man

her jet black hair
shoulder length
with straight cut bangs,
a bright red scarf
shielding from the sun
brown paper shopping bag
in hand, contents unknown

dark shapes of sunglasses
worn in those days
cover half their faces
but I spot their
tiny identical smiles

her mother’s sundress
spotted green, like an
alligator print,
a seventies drapery design
at the center of the photo

a single wave crests
far out to sea,
as are we


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