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A Waste | A Poem by Chris Byrne

Skills get wasted over time,
become obsolete, wasted, never used,
forever idle, never using, forgetting
the skills that once made you tick.

Forgetting ever more the tricks of
the trade, dying trades that will be
forever forgotten, trying to remember
good times when trades flourished.

Remembering the wasted years,
those years of hard toil, never
giving up, always flogging guts out,
trying and failing, never giving up.

Was it forgetfulness or just idleness,
the skill is still there, it just needs be
reawakened, be seen inside oneself
before it becomes obsolete.

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One thought on “A Waste | A Poem by Chris Byrne

  1. Tony Peter Laing

    I like this mate, yes very true about old skills that become obsolete, what a waste, it’s like old books that nobody ever reads anymore, things becoming confined to history and sadly forgotten.